Adventure Fitness Camp

These fitness camps are exclusively designed for the fitness freaks to have an amazing workout outside their gyms with more adventures.
Nature is the best therapy for both your mind and body. A workout in the nature makes it much more effective. The early morning sunrays with fresh air, feels like a new life and builds it more confidently. So having a workout outside your gym is the best day to be lived in.

Activities :

  • Early morning treks
  • Camping
  • Stream walks
  • Treks to 2-3 hills
  • Walk inside dense forest
  • Fitness activities
  • Mountain yoga
    And much more…

This adventure fitness camp is held in chikkmagalur which is sponsored by flora nature group and can accommodate more than 50 people and serves you the healthy food with good hospitality.
Now this opportunity is at your doorsteps so hurry up and make the best use of this beautiful opportunity to stay connected with the nature and gain all the health benefits you deserve.

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